Alaska Native Cultural Health and Wellness Strategies - General Information

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Training Details

Event Dates and Timeframe
Any Time
Location and Delivery Method
Delivery Method
Online / Web Delivered
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Host And Instructor

Family Services Training Center (FSTC), UAA Center for Human Development
Recorded presentation by Meda Dewit, MA, Alaska Native Traditional Healer

Training Overview Description

Training Overview. This is a recorded training that may be facilitated by agencies or organizations in groups of 5 to 15 people where a member of the group would lead the group using the facilitator guide provided to the agency. Or, this training may be scheduled with and facilitated by the Family Services Training Center through the Alaska Training Cooperative Learning Management System.

The agency facilitator will:

  • Schedule the training for the group to be viewed together in person or on Zoom
  • Use the guide to pause and reflect at discussion points outlined in the guide
  • Confirm that your participants register and complete the training

The training is 2 to 3 hours depending on the size of the group and length of discussions. While it is an introduction participants are encouraged to utilize the list of resources included in the facilitator guide to begin a deeper journey into the vast content available.

Interested in this Training? If you are interested in this training, please use this link to complete a short questionnaire After this questionnaire is submitted, a Training Coordinator will contact you with more information on arranging this training for your agency.

Training Description. Participants are provided with introductory information on the Indigenous Peoples of Alaska. They will be introduced to beliefs, attitudes, and knowledge of traditional Alaska Native health and wellness practices. Participants will discuss strategies for improving behaviorally based health through the lens of a cultural advocate. The training will emphasize creating cultural sensitivity and understanding to benefit a culture of health and wellness.

Learning Objectives.

  • Participants will increase knowledge of introductory information people living in Alaska.
  • Participants will increase understanding of beliefs, attitudes, and knowledge of traditional Alaska Native health and wellness.
  • Participants will improve understanding by examining historical, intergenerational, and persisting trauma.
  • Participants will identify strategies to advocate for improving the health and wellness of all Alaskans.

Presenter. Meda DeWitt, MA, Alaska Native Traditional Healer. Meda is a Tlingit Traditional Healer, Ethno-herbalist, multi-disciplinary artist, community leader, educator, and advocate of Indigenous health practices, as well as environmental steward. Her Tlingit names are Tśa Tsée Naakw, Khaat kłaat. Her adopted Northern Cree name is Boss Eagle Spirit Woman. Her clan is Naanyaa.aayí from Wrangell, Alaska.

Meda completed her Bachelor's of Arts in Women’s Rites of Passage and Master’s of Arts in Alaska Native Traditional Healing at the Alaska Pacific University. Meda believes that at its core, Alaska Native culture is one of wellness, and that traditional holistic practices are integral to the reclamation of her peoples’ identity. Meda works globally as a cultural consultant and Indigenous facilitator, providing in-person and distance delivery trainings on traditional health-based practices through partnership with tribes, health corporations, educational instructions, and communities.

Event-specific Details

This training is being offered through zoom only - there is no in-person site available at this time.

CHD e-Learning Portal - Training Materials, Zoom Connection, Training Evaluation and Certificate of Completion. All participants are required to access the CHD e-Learning Portal prior to the training in order to review training materials and access the Zoom link. After the training, participants will complete the training evaluation and then access a Certificate of Completion.

Registration Information

If you have questions about this training, please contact.
Tom McRoberts, Director
Family Services Training Center
UAA Center for Human Development