Co-Occurring Disorders JUNE 2019 (RADACT)

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Training Details

Event Dates and Timeframe
Any Time
Location and Delivery Method
Delivery Method
Independent / Correspondence
Support Website
Cost Range
$90.00 to $126.00
Fee: $90 for USB Drive or CD or email, $120 for hard copy Postage/Handling: $6 (if mailed)

Host And Instructor

Regional Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counselor Training (RADACT)


C.E. Credit for Regional Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counselor Training (RADACT): 12.00
Specialization: Qualified Addictions Professional

Training Overview Description

This course will provide a working knowledge of the most common co-occurring disorders seen in substance abuse treatment settings. The course will hep counselors understand the role of addiction within the framework of the client's experiences and to see how the client's disorders are interrelated.

Event-specific Details

This training could be applied to multiple areas of the Alaska Qualified Addictions Professional (QAP) certification. Contact the Alaska Commission for Behavioral Health Certification (Ask for Dabney Van Liere, Executive Director) at 907-332-4333 or email for specific information.

Registration Information

To register call or email Virginia at 907-563-9202 or