Motivational Monday

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Any Time
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Online / Web Delivered
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AKTC Support
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(907) 264-6244
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Rural AKHealth Professions Foundation/AKTraining Cooperative
Charlie Johanson-Adams, MA-Ed, PCC
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Contact Hours: 1.00

Training Overview Description

Description. This training is a series of four events.

Reaching in to tap our greatest strengths and build upon our own ingenious strategies, these “motivational sessions” will offer us an opportunity to explore and discover new pathways for managing the complexities that surround us during COVID19.

Open space, along with gentle coaching and co-created direction while on this 90-minute session, will provide inspiration, awareness and enticement for committing to practice new approaches learned. Using the Managing Complex Change formula as a basis, Motivational Mondays may be our “oasis and calm” among the feelings of uncertainty and chaos. Together, we will create our supportive network.

Event-specific Details

We will begin our first session with an overview of the Managing Complex Change formula and how it relates to our current situations AND we will get to knew each other on a deeper level. We will use the Coaching Conversation Model as a framework for our dialogue.

Each subsequent session will continue to build from the Managing Complex Change formula.

Registration Information

This training is being offered as an Anytime training with access to the four recorded sessions and training materials.

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Registrations are closed