Preparing for Coronavirus (COVID-19) and Influenza: Free Anytime Online Training & Resources

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Relias is offering free, unlimited access to relevant resources to help healthcare professionals and individuals prepare and prevent the spread of infection.
Free Anytime Training Courses for Healthcare Professionals and Individuals.
Spread knowledge: share these resources with colleagues, family, and friends! It is important that facilities and individuals are up to date on their pandemic preparedness, infection prevention protocols, and have established plans for monitoring the emergence and spread of COVID-19. Where possible, we offer Spanish versions of the selected courses.

Event-specific Details

Hand Hygiene: The Basics
Handwashing is one of the most important steps to break the chain of infection. This micro-course follows CDC recommendations and provides a refresher on the specific requirements to successfully stop the spread.
Infection Control: The Basics
This course provides updates to HCPs ability to apply scientifically accepted infection control principles to reduce transmission of pathogens.
Infection Control for Healthcare Professionals
A brief overview of the basic concepts of infection control designed for HCPs, but appropriate for individuals as well.
Personal Protective Equipment
Addresses different types of PPE necessary for job tasks and how to correctly don and doff the needed equipment.
Infection Control: Airborne Precautions
Quick and relevant instruction for implementing infection control measures to prevent transmission of airborne disease.
Transmission-Based Precautions
This course presents the principles of transmission-based precautions and strategies to apply in daily practice.
Preparing for Pandemic Influenza
The course spotlights Pandemic flu; it offers principles and practices relevant to viral transmission disease precautions.

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