Prevention of Abuse and Neglect of Vulnerable Adults FY20

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Rural AKHealth Professions Foundation/AKTraining Cooperative
Contact: Jill Ramsey, 907-264-6228,
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COST OF TRAINING: The fee for this training displays as FREE; however, each registrant or agency will be invoiced $40 for each completed training. This invoicing will happen once a month and allow agencies to pay for multiple trainees with one payment.
This Training is intended to educate direct service workers regarding the dynamics of adult abuse and neglect, the laws intended to protect this population and reporting obligations under these laws. This Training will also provide caregivers with tools to respond more effectively to adults in their care.

Training Objectives:
* Learn how to prevent abuse and neglect of vulnerable adults.
* Recognize cultural aspects of vulnerable adults needs.
* Increase direct service worker's ability as a care provider to identify examples of abuse, abandonment, neglect, self-neglect and exploitation of vulnerable adults, as well as early warning signs of abuse or domestic violence.
* Identify risk factors for abuse and neglect of vulnerable adults.
* Recognize sources and signs of stress and appropriate interventions.
* Identify preventive measures that can be offered.
* Identify who is a Mandatory Reporter.

Understanding Ethical and Legal Reporting:
* Understanding the Alaska State Statue A.S. 47.24.011 governing abuse and neglect.
* Review a Report of Harm for the Protection of a Vulnerable Adult.
* Identify the appropriate agency to report a suspected case of abuse and neglect.
* Learn about the role and responsibility of Adult Protective Services.
* Identify local and statewide agencies that can intervene.

This training content was approved by Alaska Adult Protective Services.

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Please make sure your current employer is included on your user profile - by confirming your employer during registration. If there is no employer listed, you will be responsible for the registration fee.

Registrations are closed