Measure What Matters: Advancing Multidisciplinary Care Coordination in Primary and Subspecialty Care Settings

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Association of University Center on Disabilities (AUCD)
National Center for Medical Home Implementation & National Center for Care Coordination Technical Assistance

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Presented by the National Center for Medical Home Implementation (NCMHI) and the National Center for Care Coordination Technical Assistance, this 2-part recorded webinar series showcases real-world experiences from diverse health care providers with the common goal of capturing the value of care coordination using the Care Coordination Measurement Tool (CCMT)*. Webinar faculty describe their objectives for measuring care coordination, experiences in implementing the tool, and the implications of capturing the value of care coordination. Webinar recordings, faculty presentations, and answers to audience questions are now available on the NCMHI Web site. *An accompanying CCMT Adaptation and Implementation Guide is also available in the public domain.

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Published: 01 June 2018

Automatic emotion and attention analysis of young children at home: a Research Kit autism feasibility study

Helen L. Egger, Geraldine Dawson, Jordan Hashemi, Kimberly L. H. Carpenter, Steven Espinosa, Kathleen Campbell, Samuel Brotkin, Jana Schaich-Borg, Qiang Qiu, Mariano Tepper, Jeffrey P. Baker, Richard A. Bloomfield Jr. & Guillermo Sapiro

Editorial Summary
Mobile technologies: revolutionizing behavioral assessments of young children
A phone-based app that assesses the behavior of young children in their homes can be used to determine their risk of autism. Autism is… show more

Autism Spectrum Disorders
Behavioral Health/Mental Illness
Developmental Disabilities
All Administrative Support Services
All Behavioral Health / Social
All Child Welfare
All Developmental Disabilities
All Direct Support Services/Care Givers
All Education K-12 & Postsecondary faculty, staff, and students

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